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Teeth Whitening Options in San Antonio

Our San Antonio dentists offer you the latest procedures for teeth whitening. Over time many factors can cause teeth to yellow or discolor. Tobacco use does this, so does red wine to some degree. Drinking coffee and tea or cola will also stain your teeth over time. But most of all just the process of time can cause your teeth to lose their pearly white color. While over-the-counter remedies can get some improvement, dentists normally can offer higher strength cleaners and also equipment designed specifically to get your teeth looking great again. Teeth whitening can also be combined with cleanings, which are so important to preserve your gum health.

Choices for Whitening

  • Bleaching: Any process that whitens the teeth beyond their natural color. Teeth whitening is bringing discolored teeth towards their natural color.
  • In Office: Whitening or bleaching that is done in our dental office offers the benefit of a fast process that can in a short visit change your teeth up to 8 shades whiter or more, depending on how discolored your teeth are to start with. This means you can quickly get a big boost for your teeth.
  • Take Home: Our dentist can give you take home products that are not as strong as the in-office whitening that is done, but which are still much stronger than the products that you can buy over the counter.

Shades of Whitening

The normal guide for teeth whitening includes 16 shades. Normally a change of 2 or 3 shades will give you a noticeably whiter and more brilliant smile. Learn more about ZOOM! Teeth Whitening or contact our San Antonio dentists to answer any questions you may have!