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Suffering from Bruxism? Wake Up to The Protective Powers Of a Customized Mouthguard

Do you often wake up with terrible headaches or jaw soreness? Have you noticed chips, cracks, and other signs of wear on your teeth? If so, you may have bruxism — a condition where you subconsciously grind and clench your teeth during sleep. 

Rolling Oaks Dental in Garden Ridge, Texas, uses personalized nightguards to overcome bruxism. This retainer-like mouthpiece fits over the upper and lower teeth to form a protective layer. A nightguard prevents damage to your teeth and jaw by absorbing the bruxism-induced pressure.

Bruxism explained

Bruxism simply means chronic grinding and clenching of teeth. This condition affects children and adults and often occurs unconsciously, so you may not even know you have it. Whether you are aware of teeth grinding or not, this bad habit can seriously affect your health.

The good news is that your dentist can spot bruxism symptoms during routine exams. Teeth grinding can cause numerous systems, including:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Facial, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Jaw soreness
  • Cracked, chipped, or flattened enamel
  • TMJ-related pain

The force exerted when grinding teeth overworks your jaw muscles and joints, resulting in numerous aches and pains. Furthermore, severe bruxism causes significant dental damage that requires crowns and root canals to restore teeth. Sometimes, your teeth may be beyond repair, warranting removal. If you suspect bruxism, don’t “wait it out.” Instead, have it treated immediately to save you discomfort and costly treatments.

Treating bruxism at a dentist’s office

Bruxism is a condition that affects many patients, but its exact cause has not yet been pinpointed by medical doctors. However, stress, certain medications, anxiety, and sleep apnea have been found to be linked to bruxism. No matter what the cause of your bruxism is, a mouthguard from our office can help alleviate the symptoms.

A mouthguard prevents the upper and lower teeth from getting into contact. While a nightguard won’t fix the root cause of bruxism, it protects your oral structures and prevents the need for future dental restorations. Nightguards also improve your sleep quality, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Our mouthguards are fabricated after taking impressions of your teeth. A nightguard specially made for YOU enables comfortable breathing during sleep and minimal discomfort while wearing it. Moreover, a precisely fitted mouthpiece effectively safeguards your teeth against bruxism.

Affordable nightguard for teeth-grinding

Bruxism nightguards can make all the difference in your smile. Unfortunately, not all mouthguards are made the same or provide the best benefits. To ensure you get the best nightguard for your smile, please call (210) 880-4120 to schedule an appointment with Rolling Oaks Dental.