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Bite Misalignment & TMJ

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TMJ is short for Temporomandibular Joint, which is the main jaw joint right in front of your ear. TMJ as a term also often refers to a disorder or dysfunction of that joint. This is alternately sometimes referred to as TMD. When your bite does not fit together properly, this can result in pain and even cracking sounds in that jaw joint, usually referred to as TMJ. If your bite is misaligned, correcting this will likely resolve or greatly relieve any TMJ issues.

Bite Misalignment Symptoms

Bite misalignment, or an incorrect seating of how your teeth fit together when you bite down, can occur in different ways and with different symptoms. Some bite misalignment problems can cause quite a bit of discomfort or pain. You may not even realize that the pain you are experiencing has anything to do with your teeth or bite misalignment.

  • Pain in the jaw area or your ear
  • Headaches
  • Sometimes sinus pain
  • Teeth clenching or grinding at night
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Damage to your teeth due to chipping, cracking, or wearing down of teeth
  • Worn off enamel from the top of your teeth, exposed darker colored surface

Causes of Bite Misalignment

If a new filling or crown is too high, even if only very slightly, it can throw your overall bite out of alignment. It may hurt or feel just a bit too high when you clench your teeth, in which case it is probably not in perfect harmony and should be adjusted. Biting on a filling or a crown that is not perfectly fitted can cause the tooth to become tender or painful possibly sensitive to cold. In addition to the sore tooth, the jaw muscles may also become sore as they try to avoid striking the high tooth.

Get Your Bite Checked

When a problem with your bite is causing or at least contributing to pain or discomfort it can usually be corrected without any invasive procedures. Come into our San Antonio dental clinic for an examination and we can determine if you have any bite problems and assess the degree of any malocclusion. It can be especially damaging when it is on your front teeth, so if you notice your lower front teeth are showing some wearing down, have your bite checked as soon as possible. As well, we will discuss all options with you to correct the problem.

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Larry Dougherty, DDS

Larry Dougherty, DDS, is the lead dentist at Rolling Oaks Dental and specializes in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Dougherty earned his Bachelor of Science in Genetics from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, and his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School in the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry for two years.