Sedation Dentistry

Change your dental experience. Be anxiety-free with our sedation dentistry options!

People of all ages can experience dental anxiety, which is why we strive to make your visits with us as pleasant as they are effective. In addition to our relaxing sedation options, our dental clinic is equipped with treatment rooms with blankets, pillows, and TVs to keep you comfortable and entertained.

Having sedation dentistry with a gentle and caring dentist means the best possible experience for you. We have helped hundreds of people to change their dental experience.

Nitrous Oxide

Many patients have heard of nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”, but what is it?  When oxygen and nitrous oxide are inhaled through a special apparatus that we have, patients feel almost instantly relaxed.  Often times patients who are a little anxious or afraid of needles all of the sudden become really relaxed.  

Nitrous oxide doesn’t make you lose consciousness or awareness of your surroundings, it simply puts you at ease for a few moments so you can have the treatment you need. There are no lasting effects, either.  Once the mask is taken off at the end of procedure, the effect of the gas is completely reversed.  Best of all, it is completely safe for almost all patients, even children!  Laughing gas isn’t addictive or habit-forming, and you’re completely awake during the entire procedure.

The mask we use to administer nitrous is comfortable and fits right over your nose.  We even have scented nosepieces for children!

Oral Conscious Sedation

Occasionally, patients need something a little more than just laughing gas, and that’s where oral conscious sedation comes in.  Before your visit, a sedative medication will be prescribed to you and you can take it about an hour before your appointment.  For many patients, this makes them feel significantly more relaxed and able to get the dental care that they need without the fear and anxiety.  Typically we recommend you have a family member or friend bring you to and from the appointment.  Often times we will use nitrous oxide in conjunction with an oral sedative to get you as relaxed as possible.

The benefit of oral conscious sedation is that you can be awake the whole time and not intravenously sedated.  The effects of oral sedatives are mild and typically only last for a few hours.

Interestingly, we have many patients that come to us requesting IV sedation or conscious sedation who never end up doing either.  Many will opt to just go with nitrous oxide, others with nothing.  Many patients find the mood of our office quite relaxing and feel right at home with our doctors and staff.  We have treated many patients that were previously fearful of going to the dentist that no longer are.  Schedule an appointment with us to talk about your options.

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