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Family Dentists in San Antonio

At Rolling Oaks Dental, we are family friendly dentists and treat patients of all ages. We make children feel comfortable and at ease. To be a good dentist for kids, we are sensitive to the way they are treated and do everything we can to help them if they feel scared or uneasy about going to the dentist.

Having dentists who are accustomed to working with children and who have a great attitude makes a big difference. We pride ourselves on taking care of the kids that come to our practice and provide the individualized care that your child needs and do it with a lot of warmth and in a fun spirit!

Though our family dentists treat patients of all ages, we always go out of our way to make sure that children have a positive experience. In fact, we have treated hundreds of children and young adults! Our office is set up with fun things for children to do while they are waiting, which we have found helps to set them at ease right when they walk in the door! We even have a treasure chest with prices for your child after his or her visit to our office so when they finish their appointment, they are able to leave on a positive note and can look forward to their next visit!

Our Family Friendly Dentists Service Your Kids’ Needs Too!

“We love kids and make absolutely sure they have a great experience.”  Dr. Ana Dougherty DDS

Positive dental experiences during childhood can encourage a lifetime of healthy smiles, so we strive to make your child’s visits easy, effective and fun. We have treated hundreds of children and young adults in our general dentistry practice. The American Dental Association recommends establishing care for your children by the age of 1 for preventative care and treatment as part of their overall oral care plan for life.

Our family friendly dentists do everything they can to make kids comfortable and give them the best possible experience so that they perceive their dental hygiene practices as positive from the get go!  Read our page about tips for your kids’ dental needs. Regular dental care makes a huge difference in how much you spend on your teeth. Going to the dentist once every 6 months for a cleaning is a lot less expensive than going once every 2 or 3 years for a crown. Get your children started on the road to great dental health here at Rolling Oaks Dental in San Antonio!

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