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Why Zoom Teeth Whitening?

zoom-teeth-whiteningYou can never tell when you are going to be on show – whether it be a business meeting, wedding, family photo or just a get together with family and friends. Things like drinking tea, wine, and soft drinks can cause tooth staining and discoloration, a problem that can be difficult to treat in some patients.

Zoom Chairside Whitening is an in-office whitening treatment. We have been performing the treatment in our office for years and have perfected the details of the technique to get the best results for our patients. There are two things that make Zoom Chairside Whitening more effective than using whitening strips or other teeth whitening methods:

  1. Isolation. While the treatment is performed in our office, we are able to keep the saliva off of your teeth so that the hydrogen peroxide can work longer. Saliva is a natural buffer that inactivates all whitening treatments, so the longer it can be kept away from the teeth and the whitening gel the better.
  2. Concentration. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide that we are able to safely use in the office is higher than anything that you can purchase over the counter. A higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide equals better results.

There is no take home over the counter method that can address either of these extremely important factors. If you want results and have been unimpressed with whitening strips and other remedies, Zoom Chairside Whitening is an excellent choice. Included in the Rolling Oaks Dental Whitening is a set of custom take-home trays for at home touch-ups to your professional whitening. Call our office today to schedule your consultation. Ask us about our Teeth Whitening Special Offer!