Digital Dentistry at Rolling Oaks Dental in San Antonio

Digital dentistry

Rolling Oaks Dental is Now Offering Digital Dentistry!

Do you find yourself avoiding the dentist? Many of us do, and one of the reasons is the need for dental impressions. If you have ever had to have an impression made, then you know what it’s like. The gooey concoction placed on a mold that you have to bite down on for 3-5 minutes can seem like an eternity because of the unpleasant feel, taste, and for many of us, the unfortunate gag reflex. The entire process can be messy and off-putting. 

The mold and gooey substance have been used in the past to create a replica of the interior of the mouth, teeth, and gum lines, to include all of the natural bumps and grooves. The molds had to be sent out to be fabricated into the solid substance that your dentist used to create a variety of restorative and cosmetic applications such as crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, All on 4 dental implants, and dentures. We are pleased to announce that all of that is becoming a thing of the past! 

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Digital Imaging Makes Everything Easier and More Precise

Rolling Oaks Dental, in their ongoing commitment to quality and patient comfort, is introducing Digital Dentistry as an alternative to traditional mold imaging, by utilizing the state-of-the-art Itero® scanning wand! No more goopy impressions! Originally used to “map” the teeth and mouth for Invisalign braces, this small wand is now being used for other dental applications as well.

The scanner provides real time results that you can see on the monitor. This not only reduces errors, but also provides an instantaneous 3-D replica of your teeth once the scan has been completed! 

Here’s a short video to show how it works:

We Strive to Make Your Experience a Pleasant One

Your experience at Rolling Oaks is designed to be effortless and painless from the moment you walk into our clinic until the moment you leave. We are pleased to be able to offer digital dentistry in order to make your visit more pleasant. Our team is friendly, welcoming, and ready to help you make the best of your appointment! 

Insurance and Payment Plans

We try to make it easy for everyone to have a beautiful smile. Each individual is different and so are your treatment plans. Our insurance coordinator will work witth your insurance company to ensure that you receive your maximum benefits. 

We are also happy to accept Care Credit for your dental care. 

COVID-19 Protocols

We recognize that the virus has required all of us to be more mindful as we go through our daily activities, and we take the health of you and our staff very seriously. We want to reassure you that we are taking every precaution to continue to service our patients in a completely safe and hygienic clinical environment. All of our treatment rooms are private with closed doors, limiting risk of exposure and allowing social distancing. We take our patients’ health very seriously. Specific steps we are taking include:

  • Disinfecting public areas of the clinic repeatedly throughout the day between patients.
  • No waiting in the waiting room; simply fill out any new patient forms online before your appointment.
  • When you arrive at the clinic, you will be taken back to a disinfected treatment room.
  • Each room is thoroughly sanitized after each patient.
  • Dr. Dougherty and all staff wear masks and gloves that are changed out after each patient.
  • We are currently not treating any patients with any possible symptoms of illness or who have had potential contact with anyone who is sick. If you have recently traveled, we also ask that you kindly wait 14 days before coming in to the clinic to ensure you do not develop any symptoms.

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